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We’re confident to state; we can help you safe time by providing briefings to your designers by using Pabel. Request a demo now, and we’ll happily guide you through the module showing why we can save you time.

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Start saving yourself, and third parties time by providing your designers with a complete briefing, including all working files using our intelligent briefing module. Please note that all files are editable and can be reused for future briefings.

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Many SKU’s with individual packaging information can be a difficult thing to handle. That’s why we offer an enterprise package which includes unlimited briefings and storage space and could be integrated with your company infrastructure.

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Pricing FAQ


Can I get a refund?

No, you’ll receive the deliverables upon completion of the module which makes it not possible to get a refund.


What happens with my data?

To start with, your project information is confidential, all the data will be stored — on our servers to evolve the machine learning module to improve our user experience. The outputted information will be stored on Google Drive, which will be accessible indefinitely.

All your information is confidential from us, and won’t be used for, e.g. selling it, advertising or marketing.

We use Stripe to process payments — you may opt-in
Stripe is our payments processor. This is always done through a secure connection.


What if I’ve made a mistake while filling in a brief?

All the files that are provided are editable (Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF editors and any other vector/pixel-based editors). This means any minor mistakes can be adjusted manually. If this isn’t the case, contact us.


Do you offer enterprise plans?

Yes, contact us.